Horse Head Nebula

B33 / IC434 / LDN 1730

Horse Head Nebula

Discovered in 1888 by Scottish Astronomer Williamina Fleming

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There is nothing better than being onside under the stars. Staying warm is important especially when trying to image the night sky. Sooner or later, normally sooner! Technical issues will happen that you are completely unprepared to solve in the middle of the night.

Fun times – setting up only for the clouds the roll in. Here is an early image of me converting a basic webcam for astro-imaging. How times have changed.

Three Famous Astronomy from History

Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and lead us from this world to another

  • Born in Athens 428/427 BCE
  • Ancient Greek Phyosopher
  • Discoverer of the Platonic Solids
  • Student of Socrates

Sir Patrick Caldwell Moore

  • The most influencial amature astronomer of United Kingdom and my life!
  • Specialist subject was the Moon – Earths natural satellite
  • Consulted for NASA and the Moon missions
  • Longest serving BBC TV presentor for “The Sky at Night” 1957 – 2012

Carl Sagan “Cosmos”

  • Famous american astronomer / Cosmologist and author of the book “Contact”
  • Pioneered to search for life outside of our planet / solar system
  • Help to compose the first message sent by mankind into space – Pinoneer plaque
  • Science communicator – Presentor of the famous “Cosmos”

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